It was all started from my habit posting my personal note screenshot on instagram with various kinds of content, like history, what I just got from the book I read or maybe just my own thoughts about something. Some people found it informative, and they suggested me to make a blog instead.

Personally, I’ve been wanted to have my own website. I planned to have my portfolio on that website as well. But I have this ambitious thoughts, to make it by myself from scratch, from the design to the programming process, I thought this way I could improve my skill as well.

As time went by, I thought it would be too much, I had a lot of ideas of what to write but still owned no website. So for an easy way out, I decided to make a wordpress instead. I thought there’s another way to improve my skill anyway, I could just start from a small project and put it on my portfolio, I hope it would give me the same results I expected.

As I said before, this blog will be filled with my own thoughts, as well as history I just learned, the book I just read, and maybe topics that I find interesting along the way. I have no desire to inspire anyone since I found the word inspire is just too pretentious. I’m still a human being who still have lots of flaw. Sometimes what I had in mind was just not a match with what I actually did. This is another battle that I still struggle with.

The purpose from these writings is, apart from the benefits that I get, like to train my brain how to think, to remind myself, or just to improve my writing skill. I hope from these writings, I could give new perspectives to the readers. I believe with new perspectives, we can be more understanding to our differences and imperfections, and hopefully we become wiser. Perhaps, with the new perspectives that we get, it will be easier for us not to be our own demon or even a demon to other people.

I hope what I say on this blog won’t be misunderstood. I don’t have any extravagance ambitions, I wish whenever I write something here, I’ll always remember to be a person that I’ve always dreamed of, which is to be always authentic, grounded, and modest.

I realized a human being, I have my own imperfections. I am not free from mistakes. Therefore, I’d be very open to criticism or new perspectives. I want to learn as well. So, feel free to email me 🙂

And one more! Beside writings about my thoughts, as a person who has lots of interest, I’m gonna share my recipes, and the learning process of me baking, cooking, or water-colour painting.

That’s probably all that I’m gonna say! Enjoy!

Side Note:

My post sometimes will be english, or bahasa, or maybe both. I’m so sorry for all the grammar nazi! I’m still unstable in expressing things. For now, I wish the purpose of my writings will be delivered to the readers without being misunderstood, despite the inconsistent I made in the writing structure.

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