I am everything but simple. 

I love myself the most, but I believe more on other people opinion than my own. 

I love to be loved, but I am meaner to the one who loves me.

I am often insecure, yet I still think I am better than most people. 

I know my happiness is my responsibility, but I beg him to love me. 

I love kind people, but I find it hard for me just to smile. 

I condemn any kind of abuse, yet I still speak ill of myself. 

I believe on God’s mercy, yet I am not willing to forgive.

I know I can only live once, but I let people control the life I live.

I yell to religious people for being hypocrite, but I too still compromise. 

I always lie to myself, but I never believe me.

I try to keep myself below the radar, yet I am furious when people underestimate me. 

I understand people, yet I never connect with myself. 

I know money is not everything, yet I spend my whole life looking for it. 

I believe people have their own definition of happiness or success, yet I am still comparing.

I love my parents, but I can’t be patient. 

I tell people how to live their life, but honestly I am still confused of my own. 

I love my mom because of her generousity, but I am too still selfish.

I want to be listened, but I only hear. 

I am happy, but I cry. 

I am sad, but I laugh.

I told you, I am everything but simple.

Note :

These are just worries I found and observed we sometimes struggle with and I put it into some sort of a poem. 

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