For God’s sake, the phrase “It’s none of my business” is just so overrated, overly used. It prevents us to understand and respect people especially people’s choice, which makes us shortsighted, individualistic, neglectful and insensitive.

Yes we do this to avoid conflict, but it’s weird when we still talk about their choices negatively behind their back😂

Let’s try to say “Hi, I don’t quite understand why you chose to do that. Can you explain to me why? I want to understand it, and I’m afraid my opinion might be faulty” instead of “It’s none of my business”. 

If we adore the “it’s not my business” thingy that much, then if someone got hit by a car in front us we shouldn’t help them because it’s not our business u know. 

Seriously, guys, it’s never really “It’s none of our business.”

I feel like my opinion here is quite unpopular among millenials. We are known individualistics. I wonder why we have this kind of mindset? Is it because we are raised by a generation that tend to exaggerate things even to the smallest? That’s why I think we are just tired (Whoops, I’m totally biased) 

In my opinion, the problem is not whether we are individualistic or controlling. It’s just that both of generations lack the ability to understand each other which leads to the ability to respond to things wisely. Should I help him? or Should I just listen?.

I don’t want to live in a world where I always feel insecure and anxious because I feel people keep judging me nor a world where I feel insignificant, unloved, lonely, and unworthy because no one really cares for me.

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