I just took an IELTS exam on January 23rd, 2021. Man, like seriously, I am anxious. I don’t think I did well. 😦

I feel bad for my parents if my test results turn out bad. For my family, the IELTS test fee is quite expensive.

Many things are going on in my mind, and PMS is just making it worse. I am even disappointed with myself because I think I am worrying too much. I mean, it is just an exam, right?

I know, if I fail to reach the standard that I have set, I can re-take the test or something. But man…….. it’s just too expensive.

I think I have been saying the same thing over and over.. This just means It’s seriously bugging me, guys!!!!!

People may have a fear of getting their love rejected or something. For me, it’s always about failing an exam –__– Even though I am not failing it, if the score does not meet my expectation, then I will be disappointed.

You know I have been studying a lot, I know it is not enough (What enough for me is studying until 1 AM every freaking day). But I think I prepared a lot for this. Even there was a time when I studied until 2 AM; it was not often. But it is not normal here in Indonesia. LOL

In case, I fail it (HOPEFULLY NOT). I hope what I did will be worth it someday in the future.

I realized that the IELTS exam is not the same thing as the regular English exam, especially for the writing section. In fact, the writing section was what I focused the most when I did a preparation. But still, I don’t think I did well…

Give me luck, God, plz. T_T

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