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To Believe in Yourself is a Superpower

Waiting for My IELTS Result (ANXIETY = 1000000%)

I just took an IELTS exam on January 23rd, 2021. Man, like seriously, I am anxious. I don’t think I did well. 😦 I feel bad for my parents if my test results turn out bad. For my family, the IELTS test fee is quite expensive. Many things are going on in my mind, and PMS is just making it worse. I am even … Read More Waiting for My IELTS Result (ANXIETY = 1000000%)

Kenapa Harus Belajar (Bahasa Inggris)?

Selain tips and tricks, ada pertanyaan yg sama pentingnya. Kenapa belajar bahasa inggris penting? Kalo cuma utk asal lulus tes pegawai kaya bumn atau pns gtu. Menurutku gak usah mikirin speaking, writing dll. Banyak2in latihan aja tes toefl di inet yang pilihan ganda itu. However, I do not recommend that you go this route. Kalau bisa jangan belajar hanya untuk dapet nilai A atau … Read More Kenapa Harus Belajar (Bahasa Inggris)?


Pengalaman Belajar Bahasa Inggris

Rada2 malu juga untuk share ini (Soalnya aku sadar aku masih sering salah juga grammar, speaking belum natural dan vocabnya juga belom terlalu bervariasi), tapi terhubung banyak yang nanya mungkin aku bisa sharing semampuku. Awalnya mungkin aku bakal cerita proses aku belajar bahasa inggris. Aku cerita dari a sampe z soalnya pengen nunjukin belajar basa inggris sebenernya sebuah proses. Jadi emang gak instant. Sebenernya … Read More Pengalaman Belajar Bahasa Inggris


Conversation With Myself #1

Hello, how are you? So it’s almost a new year already. I hope you are healthy. Before I go to sleep, I often ask myself random kinds of stuff. It’s sometimes something personal but sometimes something general. Let’s go. “What do you do?” I’m currently busy working, and I am also learning IELTS. I will have an IELTS test at the end of January … Read More Conversation With Myself #1


What Do You Want?

“So what do you want?” “I don’t know what I want.” “Seriously?” “Yes.” “Is it either you really don’t know what you want or you just fear failure?“ “…”


Wishes #2

In the name of God, The Compassionate, The Merciful. Pray, O God, for our master Muhammad PBUH, his Family, and the men around him. Dear Allah, honestly I’m still worried about my future that is why please give me your mercy by giving me lights, courage and strengths to any obstacles and disappointments I may face in the future. Continue to surround me with … Read More Wishes #2


It’s none of my business

For God’s sake, the phrase “It’s none of my business” is just so overrated, overly used. It prevents us to understand and respect people especially people’s choice, which makes us shortsighted, individualistic, neglectful and insensitive. Yes we do this to avoid conflict, but it’s weird when we still talk about their choices negatively behind their back😂 Let’s try to say “Hi, I don’t quite … Read More It’s none of my business


Friday, September 25th 2020

Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Allah we will return. My dear brother passed away unexpectedly. A tragic motorcycle accident took him.  He’s the best of us three. He’s the most generous, the most modest, the most loving and most friendly. He’d make friend with everyone, rich, poor, old, young. He’d respect them equally. He’s that type of person who would give … Read More Friday, September 25th 2020


Wishes #1

I hope day by day I will find it easier to express gratitude, respect, or love than to express hate, or disgust. My first wish.


I am everything but simple.

I am everything but simple.  I love myself the most, but I believe more on other people opinion than my own.  I love to be loved, but I am meaner to the one who loves me. I am often insecure, yet I still think I am better than most people.  I know my happiness is my responsibility, but I beg him to love me.  I love kind people, but … Read More I am everything but simple.


Kenapa kita jahat ke orang yang kita sayang

It took me about almost 22 years to finally have a deep thought regarding this topic. Akhir tahun 2019 gue lagi sibuk-sibuknya sama skripsi. Suatu saat pas kepala gue lagi uring-uringnya, nyokap nanya sesuatu hal ke gue yang gue lupa itu apaan, tapi pertanyaannya seinget gue cuma pertanyaan sesepele “Adek udah makan?”, tapi gue inget pertanyaan nyokap gue bales dengan bentakan dan rasa kesel. … Read More Kenapa kita jahat ke orang yang kita sayang