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Conversation With Myself #1

Hello, how are you? So it’s almost a new year already. I hope you are healthy. Before I go to sleep, I often ask myself random kinds of stuff. It’s sometimes something personal but sometimes something general. Let’s go. “What do you do?” I’m currently busy working, and I am also learning IELTS. I will have an IELTS test at the end of January … Read More Conversation With Myself #1


What Do You Want?

“So what do you want?” “I don’t know what I want.” “Seriously?” “Yes.” “Is it either you really don’t know what you want or you just fear failure?“ “…”


It’s none of my business

For God’s sake, the phrase “It’s none of my business” is just so overrated, overly used. It prevents us to understand and respect people especially people’s choice, which makes us shortsighted, individualistic, neglectful and insensitive. Yes we do this to avoid conflict, but it’s weird when we still talk about their choices negatively behind their back😂 Let’s try to say “Hi, I don’t quite … Read More It’s none of my business