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To Believe in Yourself is a Superpower


Conversation With Myself #1

Hello, how are you? So it’s almost a new year already. I hope you are healthy. Before I go to sleep, I often ask myself random kinds of stuff. It’s sometimes something personal but sometimes something general. Let’s go. “What do you do?” I’m currently busy working, and I am also learning IELTS. I will have an IELTS test at the end of January … Read More Conversation With Myself #1


Kenapa kita jahat ke orang yang kita sayang

It took me about almost 22 years to finally have a deep thought regarding this topic. Akhir tahun 2019 gue lagi sibuk-sibuknya sama skripsi. Suatu saat pas kepala gue lagi uring-uringnya, nyokap nanya sesuatu hal ke gue yang gue lupa itu apaan, tapi pertanyaannya seinget gue cuma pertanyaan sesepele “Adek udah makan?”, tapi gue inget pertanyaan nyokap gue bales dengan bentakan dan rasa kesel. … Read More Kenapa kita jahat ke orang yang kita sayang